Calendula Moon Apothecary


Greenplay Northwest, in partnership with Calendula Moon Apothecary, is pleased to be offering a series of weekend classes for families and young children, ages 4-6.

We must take our children into the wild, introduce them to the plants, and teach them of their connection to the Earth. In instilling in our children a respect for plant medicine, we not only care for their tender bodies but help pass along the seeds of a tradition that is as old as human life itself.” – Rosemary Gladstar

Come learn what the garden gnomes have to teach us about the secrets of plants in this magical three-part series.  Join us in discovering some of our region’s springtime favorites – the plantain, dandelion, and stinging nettle. Together we will forage in the forest and gardens, sing songs, play games, create our own magic tea, and craft some beautiful leaf print pendants to take home. After this series, you and your child will leave with a deeper appreciation for the plants at your feet, as well as skills for locating and identifying those that you can harvest and take home to share with your family. Light, organic snacks will be provided the first two days and on the third day we will celebrate by sharing a delicious picnic, garden style!

gnomeLOCATION: The Lake Wilderness Arboretum in Maple Valley, WA. and an off-site homestead in Ravensdale, WA.
DATES & TIME: Saturdays, April 29th, May 6th, May 13th, 2017 from 9am-12pm
AGES: Ages 4-6, along with parent or caregiver. We’re sorry, we cannot accommodate younger siblings for this class.
FEE: $96.00

A note from your Instructor, Ms. Cristin:

crissy and kyeWelcome to Calendula Moon Apothecary! My initial love of plants, flowers, and herbs was born out of a dream and cultivated very early on, as a child, by my mother and father.  I remember watching my mother very lovingly tend to her herb garden – she would bring in clippings of fresh rosemary, basil, arugula, and nasturtiums and add them to salads and soups and sauces.  My father, too, would tend to his rose garden with  much care and patience. The smell of fresh herbs and flowers in our house was always a bit intoxicating, a memory I bring forth to this day.

As a mother of three boys who love the dirt as much as I do, I’m thrilled to be passing down my knowledge of traditional western herbalism to each of them. As a child I was very ill, so healing has been a very real journey for me and has fueled my desire to keep my children healthy and strong. As a mother and a teacher to the very young, I now use essential oils, forage for herbs and weeds, make my own tinctures, balms, and teas. I am also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, working with an ancient healing modality to help balance the body, mind, and spirit.  It is empowering to find that each of us holds the power to heal within ourselves, and I am excited to share the gifts of plants and natural healing with you and your family. E-mail:

Herbalism Resources for Home and Hearth: – A great place to learn about making your own herbal recipes  – Great for children!  – A favorite for buying bulk organic herbs and tools  – Another go-to for organic herbs and creative recipes   – A board game that will help teach your children about herbs

Books and Herbalists:
Rosemary Gladstar- Medicinal Herbs; A Beginner’s Guide
Rosalee De La Foret- Alchemy of Herbs
Dina Falconi- A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

Local Herbalism:
Nature’s Inventory
Cedar Mountain Herb School