Nature Camp


Summer Nature Camps

Set against the lovely backdrop of Mt. Rainier, we offer programs to keep young children busy and active with a love of nature.

We are excited and grateful to be offering half-day nature camps at the beautiful Lake Wilderness Arboretum in Maple Valley, WA.

Time outside is an amazing gift we can give to our young children, and a wonderful way to encourage self-directed learning and play. Our nature camps are designed for children ages 4-6 who are ready to explore, taste, touch, hear, see, and smell the many wonders of the forest.

Throughout the week, guided by the curiosity and wonder of our campers, we engage children using outdoor fun to create pathways for lessons in nature and local ecology:

~ building hideouts
~ learning the language of birds and plants
~ foraging for edible snacks
~ storytelling & singing songs
~ hiking through the forests and gardens
~ playing cooperative nature games

With our 1:4 teacher to child ratio, all children receive the love and attention they need to be confident nature explorers and friends. We believe that all children are gifted learners. As mentors, our teachers work hard to observe, recognize, and honor each child’s gifts. Throughout the week we practice awareness, thankfulness, and respect of self, others, and the natural world.

Our talented staff are early childhood educators, trained in forest school pedagogy, and are all first aid and CPR certified. To view our current staff profiles click here.

Welcome to our summer camp circle of 2017!¬† We can’t wait to share sweet summer memories with you and your family.

Sessions Available, SUMMER 2017:

TIME: 9:00am-12:00pm
AGES: Ages 4-6 (by the start of camp)
NUMBER of CAMPERS: Maximum 8
FEE: $175.00, includes fresh fruits daily and a special take-home treasure

sparrows_nest_2June 19th-22nd, Feathered Friends of the Pacific Northwest
Join us for a week of fun and folly as we explore the lives of some of our favorite feathered friends. Birds hold a very special place in our hearts; they are the messengers of the natural world. To know the robin’s song, or to think like a crow, or to move like a hummingbird is a gift. This week will be filled with bird-watching, exploring nests, eggs, feathers, and Pacific Northwest birds both great and small.

June 26th-29th, The Lore of Flowers and Fairies
To find a ring of flowers in any field or forest is to find the fairies too! Join us for a week dedicated to the richness and beauty of flowers. We’ll make daisy-chains and garlands together, learn how to gather and press flowers, build a summer fairy garden, and more. We’ll also learn about flowers we can eat and make special potions with.

fairy_bandsJuly 10th-13th; Calling all Artists! Wild-Crafting in Nature
Join us for a week of nature-inspired art, crafting gifts made from nature to share with our family and friends. Through sculpture, beading, painting, and more, we will set our creative geniuses free and learn how to use what we find in the forest to inspire our works of art.

July 17th-20th, The Wonderful World of Rocks & Gems
Rocks are special! Any child will attest to this. We’ll spend the week together treasure-hunting for rocks and exploring gemstones of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We’ll craft special treasure pouches, sail the seas of the Arboretum in search of pirate’s gold, and learn how to use a compass and map.

Aug 7th-10th, Life of an Artist; Nature-Inspired
Join us for a week of full artistic immersion in a forest setting. While exploring and familiarizing ourselves with techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture and imagery, we will investigate and create artwork inspired by our surroundings. The week will end in an exhibition created by the children to inspire an ever-growing sense of creativity as they continue their life as an artist.

Aug 14th-17th, Magical Music in the Forest
There is rhythm and song in nature, everywhere and all the time. Sticks, stones, water, and wind will become our instruments this week. We’ll work together as a group to create our very own ballads and campfire songs, or maybe an Irish jig to accompany our hikes through the forest. It’s going to be a jolly time!

children_grass.JPGAugust 21st-24th, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire
Everything in nature is connected – the land to the sea, the sea to the sky, and the sky to the fire we tell stories around at night. We’ll engage all of ours senses exploring the lay of the land, the nearby waterways, the weather, and of course fire! We hope you will join us for a week of risk-taking and adventure.