Osceola Art Studio and Garden School

Osceola Art Studio and Garden School is REOPENING for the 2021-2022 School Year!

 Please email info@greenplaynw.org for more information. 

The artist is not a different kind of person but every person is a different kind of artist. – Eric Gill

Welcome Families!

Enrollment for our second circle of artists begins July 2021. To learn more, visit our General Enrollment Information page.

About the Osceola Art Studio and Garden School

The mission of the Osceola Art Studio and Garden School is to celebrate young children, ages 3-6, as artists. We remain committed to providing an early learning environment where the artistic life of children is both respected and treasured.

Our program remains committed to:

~Providing high quality art materials and tools to support learning and discovery.
~Nurturing individuality through art exploration and nature immersion.
~Providing choices and giving children the freedom to explore and experiment.
~Cultivating and supporting connections to family, art, nature and community.

The benefits of art exploration in the early years is well documented, and provides a unique environment that  supports the needs of all children and learning styles.

Our Art Philosophy

We believe in the power of learning through art and nature. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we allow for each day’s activities and projects to be lead by the environment and by the curiosity and questions brought forth by the children. As with all of our nature-based early learning programs, our daily rhythms and endeavors are informed by the cycle of the seasons, the life and breath of the garden, what’s going on with the plant life, animals, and elements around us, as well as other artistic media.

The goal of the Osceola Art Studio and Garden School is to nurture children as artists and allow them to develop a strong, creative, sense of self.

Children who attend our program experience:
–   Small, inclusive circles with a 1:5 teacher to child ratio
–   An approach to education that honors the whole child
–   Loving guidance and support from our teachers
–   An awareness and appreciation for the natural world
–   The creation of a childhood landscape that is rich and memorable
–   Freedom to create and direct their own learning and interests
–   Ample time for play in a safe and loving environment
–   A sense of belonging and community

Program Details

AGES: 3-6. Children must be age 3 by September 1st (2021) of the school year. Children who turn 7 before June 1st (2022) of the school year are not eligible to enroll.
CLASS SIZE: 10 children
PROGRAM OPTIONS: Tuesday/Wednesday
HOURS: 9:30am-11:30am
TUITION: $250.00/mo (includes a monthly materials fee of $10)

REGISTRATION FEE: $100.00/child

ENROLLMENT PROCESS: To learn more, please visit our General Enrollment Information page.

Our mixed ages approach benefits children in many ways and helps us build a community that models the love and care which is more naturally in sync with how children learn.

Our program includes an organic snack of in-season fruits and vegetables.

We follow the Enumclaw School District’s calendar for closures, holidays, and vacation schedules.

We know that providing the best quality education for your child represents a financial commitment. We also believe that every child and family, regardless of economic status or circumstance, should have equal access to our programs and services.  If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact our Board Treasurer at Treasurer@greenplaynw.org. All information we receive will be completely confidential.

To view our organization’s non-discrimination policy, click here.
To learn more about our talented teachers and staff, click here.

History of the Matson Family Farm

Catherine Matson and her family first moved to Enumclaw , WA. in 1946. While they worked to prepare their stretch of land for farming, her father built a small home on the property. Before being restored to what is now the Osceola Art Studio and Garden School, this special little building was used over the years as a chicken house, an overflow for calves, a dry shelter for hay storage, and even as Cathy’s very own childhood play house! Today, Cathy’s gardens stretch just over 3 1/2 acres and include a perennial flower garden, a variety of plants and shrubs of the pacific northwest, espaliered fruit trees, a willow orchard, and rows and rows of vegetable beds, where food is planted and harvested each year for the local food bank. The farm hosts an annual community event called “Art in the Garden” and has been a haven for local artists inspired by it’s beauty year-after-year. This year, in partnership with Greenplay Northwest, the Matson Family Farm will be hosting our newest program, The Osceola Art Studio and Garden School.

Q & A

Q: What curriculum does our art and garden school use?
A: We are a play-based early childhood program committed to helping families raise happy, healthy, and capable children. We use an emergent curriculum to support individual and group learning processes, allowing for our activities and agenda to be interest-led and child-driven. We are equally inspired by the traditions of Waldorf and Reggio Emilia; protecting the senses, promoting beauty and reverence, using the environment as our 3rd teacher, and viewing children as competent, capable, and creative learners.

Q: Will my child be outside the whole time?
A: Yes! We are a full nature-immersion program so we will be spending most of our time outside, rain or shine. The studio will be used for indoor art experiences and for keeping warm on very cold cold days. We also have access to a fire pit.

Q: What kind of equipment/clothing must my child bring?
A: All registered families will be given a seasonal gear list. It is imperative that children come to school prepared for the weather so that they are able to spend all of their energy on playing and learning, and less on trying to stay warm and dry.

Q: What does a mixed age group look like?
A: Mixed age groupings provide unique opportunities for children to learn and grow as part of a home-like community. We engage 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds according to their age and abilities, while they imitate the mood, gestures and work of our teachers (and their older friends). Our 5 and 6-year-olds develop the independence and sense of responsibility necessary to become leaders in the class, while also working on extended projects and goals.

Q: Is before and after school care provided?
A: At this time, we are unable to offer extended care to children in our program. However, we realize there is a great need for full-day care, especially for our working families, and hope to add this service as our program grows.

Q: Can parents participate and/or volunteer?
A: Yes! We welcome parents and community volunteers to participate in all aspects of our programming. We appreciate the talent, enthusiasm, and loving presence of parents in our community who are willing to share their work and wisdom with us. Volunteering can take on many forms – helping us reach out to new families, staffing our school booth at community events, sharing musical and artistic talents with our students, providing leadership for special events.

Q: Does your program incorporate religious teachings?
A: No. However, we do believe that all humans (and all living things) exist as part of a spiritual dimension and are deeply connected. Our program emphasizes peace, thankfulness, and respect for self, others, and the natural world.