Nature Camp

Registration opens February 1st, 2019!


We are excited and grateful to be offering half-day nature camps located at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum in Maple Valley, WA and at our newest location at the Osceola Art Studio and Garden School in Enumclaw, WA.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Rainier, we offer programs to keep young children active and engaged with a love of nature.

Time outside is an amazing gift we can give to our young children, and a wonderful way to encourage self-directed learning and play. Our nature camps are designed for children ages 4-6 who are ready to explore, taste, touch, hear, see, and smell the many wonders of nature.

Throughout the week, guided by the curiosity and wonder of our campers, we engage children using outdoor fun to create pathways for lessons in nature and local ecology:

~ Building hideouts
~ Learning the language of birds and plants
~ Foraging and eating edible snacks
~ Storytelling & singing songs
~ Hiking through the forests and gardens
~ Playing cooperative nature games

With our 1:6 teacher to child ratio, all children receive the love and attention they need to be confident nature explorers and friends. We believe that all children are gifted learners. As mentors, our teachers work hard to observe, recognize, and honor each child’s gifts. Throughout the week we practice awareness, thankfulness, and respect of self, others, and the natural world.

Our talented staff are early childhood educators, trained in forest school pedagogy, and are all first aid and CPR certified. To view our current staff profiles click here.

Welcome to our summer camp circle of 2019!  We can’t wait to share sweet summer memories with you and your family.

Sessions Available, SUMMER 2019:

TIME: 9:00am-12:00pm
AGES: Ages 4-6 (by the start of camp) No exceptions.
NUMBER of CAMPERS: Maximum 12
FEE: $180.00, includes a special take-home treasure.

View our program and registration policies here.

June 24th-27th, Feathered Friends of the Pacific Northwest
Join us for a week of fun and folly as we explore the lives of some of our favorite feathered friends. Birds hold a very special place in our hearts; they are the messengers of the natural world. To know the robin’s song, or to think like a crow, or to move like a hummingbird is a gift. This week will be filled with bird-watching, exploring nests, eggs, feathers, and Pacific Northwest birds both great and small. Educators: Megan Pyle and Emily Epperson.

July 8th-11th, Dinosaurs and Dragons
This week will be dedicated to the dinosaurs and dragons; both the ancient and the mythical! Dinosaurs and dragons have their way of working themselves into our stories and dreams, playing a special role in childhood imagination and wonder. This week we will dig, explore, take on the forms of great giants and winged birds, and do a lot or roaring! Educators: Emily Epperson and Guest Teacher.

July 15th-18th, Fairies in the Forest
To find a ring of flowers in any field or forest is to find the fairies too! Join us for a week dedicated to the magic of fairies. We’ll create stories together, build fairy homes and hollows, work with ‘potions’ made from flowers and herbs, and more. Educators: Megan Pyle and Joann O’Meara.

July 22nd-25th, In Search of Big Foot
Does Big Foot really exist? Together we’ll spend a week looking for clues, footprints, and other evidence to his existence. Get ready for a week of sleuthing and wondering together, sharing stories, and going on grand adventures in the field and forest. Educators: Emily Epperson and Linda Peters.

July 29th-Aug 1st, Life at the Lake
All plants and animals need water to thrive, and the lake is the best watering hole in all of the land, so they say. We’ll spend our week together exploring the shores and shadows of Lake Wilderness, trying our hand at fishing, catching frogs, and dipping our toes into the refreshing water. *This is a non-swimming camp. Educators: Brad Dupea and Emily Epperson.

August 5th-9th, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire! Exploring the Elements
Behold the powers of the universe and the natural elements of earth, wind, water, and fire. We are excited to offer a week of nature play dedicated to getting dirty, experimenting with wind, exploring the power and forces of water, and honoring the gift of fire. Educators: Megan Pyle and Emily Epperson

August 12th-15th, The Wonderful World of Rocks and Gems
Rocks are special! Any child will attest to this. We’ll spend the week together treasure-hunting for rocks and exploring gemstones of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We’ll paint and hide rocks together, create games, and have a rockin-rolling time together. Educators: Brad Dupea and Emily Epperson

August 19th-22nd, Artists in the Garden (Enumclaw, WA.)
Join us for a week of full artistic immersion in a garden setting. While exploring and familiarizing ourselves with techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture and imagery, we will investigate and create artwork inspired by our surroundings. The week will end in an exhibition created by the children to inspire an ever-growing sense of creativity as they continue their life as an artist. Educators: Joann O’Meara and Emily Epperson